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Frequently Asked Questions

Total Apparel Management (TAM) FAQs

1 Can I come in for a fitting?
2 How do I contact an S&H office?
3 What are the opening hours of S&H?
4 What about exchanging or returning items to S&H?
5 How long should I expect for ordered items to be delivered?
6 Do S&H do alterations or do I have to organise them myself?
7 Can I buy and pay for extra uniform items myself?
8 Do S&H sell direct to the public?
9 Do S&H supply items other than clothing?

Protex® FAQs

1 I have looked at the range of garments in your catalogue, and can’t find what I need. Can you still help me ?
2 Will Specialist Application Garments be more expensive than standard off-the-rack uniforms and industrial workwear ?
3 What are the minimum order quantities for made-to-order garments?
4 How do I clean my Proban treated garments?
5 The label in my Proban garment states the fabric has been tested and meets flame retardant requirements after 50 washes. Is the garment flammable after 50 washes?
6 How do I clean my structural fire fighting garments?
7 Can I buy Proban to apply to my garments?
8 Doesn’t cotton by itself have flame retardant characteristics?
9 What is the difference between structural and wildland fire fighting?
10 Is wildland fire fighting and bush fire fighting the same thing?

FAQ’s for the S&H Online Catalogue

1 I have forgotten my password to the online system, how do I get a new one?
2 When I try and renew my password the system is not recognising my email address. How can this be fixed?
3 What is my entitlement?
4 I order my items online and I need to order items that are over my entitlement?
5 I can’t seem to be able to place an order online. The system seems to stop. Help?
6 What does R, L & S mean against the trouser sizes?
7 What sizes am I?
8 How can I find where my order is at?
9 Can I pick my order up when it is ready?
10 What about exchanging or returning items to S&H?