Protex® is a registered brand of S&H.

Protex® is a registered brand of S&H. The Protex® brand consists of a stock supported range of fire fighting, emergency services and flame retardant clothing.

In addition, garments can be designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers on a Made To Order (MTO) basis.

All Protex® garments are designed and manufactured by S&H with the understanding that the garments’ performance is likely to significantly reduce injury and indeed save lives when confronted with a hazardous incident.

Accordingly, quality made Protex® garments only utilize fully tested and accredited fabrics, raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Protex Garments are designed and manufactured to protect the wearer in very hazardous environments.


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Industries we supply to

  • Wildland Firefighting
  • Structural Firefighting
  • Mining/Emergency Response Teams
  •  Rescue & Civil Response
  • Electrical
  • Shutdowns
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Station Wear
  •  Industrial Applications
  • Defence
  • Molten Metal


S&H’s specialist knowledge of fire and flame protective garments for emergency services has supported our transition into industrial protective garments for the Electrical and Resources markets. The same principals of protection apply but under the goverance of different standards and guidelines such as the NFPA 70E and NENS 09-2014 for Electrical Arc Protection. S&H has a stable of designs and raw materials that are fully tested to the relevant standards.


S&H has been successfully designing, manufacturing and servicing bespoke uniforms for government agencies and private industry for over 30 years. We understand that the key to customer satisfaction is to design and make a uniform that the customer's employees are proud to wear, that supports them in their jobs and protects them in their specific work environment. We take employees the time to understand what the customer and their employees expect. S&H have an enormous range of fabric types available to meet the requirements of every potential customer.


S&H designs and manufactures structural fire fighting ensembles using worlds best materials and construction methods. S&H has long standing relationships with fibre manufacturers such as PBI and DuPont. We work in partnership with specialist technical material manufacturers such as WL Gore, Hainsworth, Australian Weaving Mills, TenCate, Safety Components, Ibena and Heath-cote. Our structural ensemble manufacturing facilities are all approved to make AS/NZS 4967 certified product. We offer a number of manufacturing options depending on the customers requirements.


S&H are the market leader in Australian Wildland Fire Fighting Ensembles. We work with key raw material partners that specialise in the Wildland fabric market. There has been a shift away from treated cottons to inherent materials and S&H is leading the charge in this area. Inherent fabrics whilst more costly are offering wearers greater comfort and longevity along with improved protection levels. All our products are manufactured in factories that are certified to make garments to AS/NZS 4824.