At Stewart & Heaton Clothing Company we believe in delivering for our customers. "Pride, Passion & Protection in a Uniform"

We provide to our customers functional, high quality, innovative and cost effective products. Matched with a dedicated local customer service team who are ready to help with your apparel needs.
The company was established in Perth, Western Australia and now has offices and warehouses nationally across Australia ready to service our customers needs.

S&H have two principal areas of operation:

1. Manufacture & Supply of specialized performance garments for specific end use applications.

2. Total Apparel Management (TAM) services.

We provide our customers in government and industry with innovative, high quality,efficient, reliable, responsive and cost effective supply chain solutions for uniforms and personal protective clothing.

As detailed on our Corporate Responsibility page, S&H comply with the Ethical Clothing and Social Compliance standard of Australia.


The feeling of satisfaction derived from the achievements of our uniforms.
"We care about what we do and the reputation we earn"


The enthusiasm we have for our uniforms
"We are passionate about what we stand for and enthusiastic in reaching our goals"


Innovative, high quality and reliable personal protective uniforms
"We seek innovation and improvement in all things, we build on good ideas and learn from our mistakes"


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