The provision of Total Apparel Management (TAM) services may take place in a variety of formats. Typically however it is the supply of the customers’ full clothing requirements (head-to-toe) including accoutrements, footwear, protective clothing and a broad range of other personal issue items. Our service includes order processing, procurement, warehouse/distribution, measurement and fitting, product development and customer/management reporting.

S&H operate numerous different models of TAM service. Such TAM services can range from the relatively simple to the highly complex. The degree of complexity is determined by the needs of our customers, all of whom themselves have their own differences and often unique requirements.

A number of major benefits are achievable in choosing S&H as your TAM service provider. These include:

  • A return of working capital if existing stock holdings are purchased
  • Reduced warehousing and associated staffing requirements
  • Significant increases in service levels to employees in the field
  • On-going research and product development
  • Reduced procurement costs through on-line ordering, electronic invoicing and other e-commerce solutions
  • Greater management of the apparel supply function through the monitoring of entitlements
  • Extensive management reporting availability


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TAM is designed to take the difficulties of uniform management out of the hands of the customer and into S&H’s care and control.
TAM has many variations but in principal TAM provides:

  • Central stocking point of all apparel needsof needs——head to toe.
  • Single point of contact with an S&H apparel specialist for employee queries.
  • Reduced cash investment as stock is owned by the TAM provider and not the customer.
  • Orders placed online by and delivered to individual employees so there is no need for customer intermediaries.
  • Order control systems ensuring employees cannot order over or outside their allocation.
  • After sales care and maintenance services such as cleaning, decontamination, repairs and product assessment

TAM Store

S&H can offer customers a secure & effective e-commerce solution for the purchasing of their Total Apparel Management requirements.

If you are an existing S&H On-line Catalogue user, you can access the catalogue by clicking the Buyer Login.

Login into the Portal

Features Include:

  • Secure ordering gateway
  • Product entitlement management
  • Order approvals
  • View product images
  • Historical reporting
  • Order progress tracking


  • Faster ordering & approval for your staff
  • Less paperwork
  • Increased order tracking
  • Entitlement management of uniform supplies
  • Cost centre account application

This service is available to approved customers on application. Contact your nearest S&H office for more information.

FAQ’s for the S&H Online Catalogue

I have forgotten my password to the online system, how do I get a new one?

You need to log onto the S&H Online Catalogue. On the Log On page, there is a link that will direct you to "Forgotten Your Password". A password and will be emailed to you within approximately 15minutes.

When I try and renew my password the system is not recognising my email address. How can this be fixed?

Below the 'Forgotten Your Password" link is an email address which is Send an email to this address stating that you can not reset your password. Ensure you include your work email address and applicable information such as name, rank and/or ID number. This will be cross checked by our IT staff and a new password will be sent within 2 working days.

What is my entitlement?
If a customers’ ordering process is housed within the S&H Storefront Catalogue and has an Entitlement system attached, log onto the S&H Catalogue and you will notice on your Profile page that an Entitlement is listed as well as a Used History. The system will allow you to order up to the Entitlement amount for the product group.
I order my items online and I need to order items that are over my entitlement?

You will need your Authorising Officer to order those items against your user ID on line on your behalf.

I can’t seem to be able to place an order online. The system seems to stop. Help?

Check that you have the "Pop-up blockers" turned off on your computer. Do this by going to the Tools menu then “Pop Up Blockers” and ensure they are permanently turned off. If you are not permitted to make this change to your computer settings, check with your IT section help desk.

What does R, L & S mean against the trouser sizes?

R is a regular fit whilst L is a long fit for taller people and S is a stout or short fitting. Remember the only sizes available are those listed unless an MTM (Made to Measure) option is chosen.

What sizes am I?

Unless you have been recently fitted and you have a record of these sizes, you could find your sizes by viewing the Used History, if your organisation uses the Online Ordering System. Failing this, you could check your current garments and the size tags that should be visible. Make sure that if you are an Online Catalogue ordering customer that you don not just choose the default sizes. If you are unsure, call the relevant S&H office for assistance.

How can I find where my order is at?

If you are an Online Catalogue ordering customer, once you have logged on you can check the system to see what status of your order. Go to Orders across the top of the page and select the drop down box of 'Track Your Order'. This will let you know if the order has been placed, authorised or is ready for shipping.

Can I pick my order up when it is ready?

Certain orders can be collected from S&H offices. Please ensure you pre-arrange the collection by telephoning the relevant S&H office in the first instance and you clearly label your order "To Be Collected". This will ensure goods have been packed and are available as requested.

What about exchanging or returning items to S&H?

Goods can be sent back to S&H via your normal delivery channels but please ensure you send goods back with a copy of the Shipment Docket or Invoice along with a note that includes a contact phone number, your reasons for the exchange and instructions as to what it is you would like us to do. Remember items worn, washed or in poor condition will not be credited or exchanged. We have a 28 day returns policy that is referenced on each Shipping docket. Any further queries, please call your relevant S&H office to clarify the Returns Policy.