A significant source of frustration for many organisations is in providing employees with uniforms and protective clothing. Purchasing from numerous sources, trying to obtain correct sizing information, returning and re-ordering items that are the wrong size, processing invoices from different vendors, warehousing stocks of garments, wondering whether you are providing the right sorts of uniform items for the job being performed, distributing to different locations etc. are but some of the causes of this frustration for organisations.

It is not unusual for such organisations to ponder why it is they are spending so much time, effort and money on supply clothing to their employees rather than focusing on their own core work activities. However uniforms and protective clothing are a very important aspect of an organisation’s professional image, presentation, employee identity and in some cases occupational health and safety obligations.

By engaging S&H to provide your organisation with a Total Apparel Management (TAM) service solution, you are in effect centralising your entire uniform and work wear requirements to a singular full supply chain service provider. That is, one point of contact for the full breadth of your needs. Those uniform and protective clothing supply issues that perhaps to yourself are seen as being a “headache” and a drain on resources are to us, core business!


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Can I come in for a fitting?
S&H offices are available for fittings. Please call the relevant office to make an appointment time in the first instance for a fitting.
How do I contact an S&H office?
Contact your nearest S&H office for relevant contact details. 
What are the opening hours of S&H?
All S&H offices are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.
What about exchanging or returning items to S&H?
Goods can be sent back to S&H via your normal delivery channels but please ensure you send goods back with a copy of the Shipment Docket or Invoice along with a note that includes a contact phone number, your reasons for the exchange and instructions as to what it is you would like us to do. Remember items worn, washed or in poor condition will not be credited or exchanged. We have a 28 day returns policy that is referenced on each Shipping docket. Any further queries, please call your relevant S&H office to clarify the Returns Policy.
How long should I expect for ordered items to be delivered?
Each customer will have differing order delivery requirements. Broadly speaking, standard stocked items can be expected to be delivered 3-4 working days following receipt of order. Special sized made-to-measure (MTM) items and non-stocked items will take at least 4-6 weeks dependent upon the complexity of the item. For more definitive details, please contact the relevant S&H office.
Do S&H do alterations or do I have to organise them myself?
For uniform garments ordered through S&H, standard waist and leg length alterations are done by S&H prior to delivery. 
Can I buy and pay for extra uniform items myself?
Some S&H customers allow individual employees to purchase certain additional items, please check with your relevant S&H office for further details.
Do S&H sell direct to the public?
Other than our ex-stock Protex® range of specialist application garments, S&H do not sell any uniform items (such as footwear) direct to the public
Do S&H supply items other than clothing?
Yes, S&H can and do supply a broad range of personal issue items for our customers. Our extensive supplier network allows us to supply just about anything you require for your staff.