IT Systems, Security & Privacy

Staff Security

S&H personnel are provided access to customer related files & ERP system data which enable them to undertake tasks pursuant of servicing customer requests.

It is explicitly detailed, in conjunction with agreements of confidentiality contained in our Contracts of Employment that this information is to remain confidential.

Additionally, as a condition of employment at S&H, all personnel must have successfully obtained a Police Clearance (Position of Trust) from the respective State law enforcement agency.

System Security & Data Storage

S&H staff maintains the company’s core IT systems at our head office in Perth, Western Australia.

This includes the primary host networking, server and storage layers of the system.

Users are connected directly from Perth or remotely via a secure network connection for all system activities including transactions & document management. All users & devices connecting remotely to our network from an external connection must first be verified via secure VPN and then user active directory validation.

We utilise commercial grade end point security applications with Trend Micro to ensure potential system intrusions & security risks are effectively managed.

Our network services layer is provided by a Telstra managed IP Connect® Virtual Private Network (VPN). This has international IS0-27001 security certification which include inbuilt security measures at all layers and devices of the network provided to protect the integrity of our information.

Our public facing systems such as the TAMStore® ordering and reporting portals are verified by SSL certificates which ensure they are both trusted by users connecting to the applications and data exchanged is encrypted to prevent theft of misuse.